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I find myself increasingly frustrated by the stupidity around me day in and day out and so I have decided to add my little corner of spleen venting to the web.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011


So, a shocking internet post claims that Britain’s Got Talent (and please remember that in my humble opinion this show is the single best argument in favour of genocide that I have ever encountered), is fixed!

You did not just mis-read that……

Yep, that saccharin coated crap fest might actually be rigged. This is probably the least surprising story of the current (no strike that), of any millennium. Is anybody really dumb enough to believe that this show ever had anything to do with talent. Of course not, Mr Cowell’s not a bloody charity and he expects a very good return on his investment, do we honestly think that would mean leaving matters in the hands of a force as random as Joe Public?

Is it true? I don’t really give a monkey’s, it’s schlock TV aimed largely at a target audience who gave up caring what brand of horse shit they watch years ago. The tears flow as we are regaled with the hard luck stories, does it always have to be for ‘my dead mum/dad/granny/cat’ or whatever motivating factor the would be ‘superstar’ thinks will garner the most sympathy and thus translate into the most votes.

Can’t anyone want to be a performer just for the joy of it, without the spur of a decomposing or severely ill relative to tug at the heart strings of the credulous audience?

The worst part? The fact that these saps are completely sold on the notion that they will break big, that they’ll be the ones who go on to make millions. Let’s get real, most of them will be bloody lucky if anyone knows who the hell they are six months after the show goes off air, and the only person getting rich……

……well you don’t need me to tell you the answer to that one.

The only surprise here is that anyone is surprised!