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I find myself increasingly frustrated by the stupidity around me day in and day out and so I have decided to add my little corner of spleen venting to the web.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Give it a rest Jesus

In the wake of the death of Messrs.’ Jobs, Dilley and Jansch, I would like to declare that I’ve had about enough of self righteous of morons!

You know the ones I mean, the ones who spent most of yesterday proclaiming that good people die every day and why should these ones be more important than any others.

Well I’ll tell you why (because you’re obviously too busy making glib pronouncements and trying to be sanctimonious to figure it out for yourself), it’s because we were aware of their existence, simple really. You can’t mourn the death of someone whose life didn’t register on your personal radar. Of course good people die every day, it’s a sad fact that has little or no impact on my life unless I happen to be aware of the person involved. Joe Sixpack who lives a mile up the road may cop it 15 minutes from now, I’ll never know and in blissful ignorance will not mourn him but apparently because someone famous pops off you all seem to want to remind me that life’s only certainty has happened to a lot of other people too……

Grow up. If the lives of these people didn’t touch yours in anyway then that’s fine, perhaps having this on the front pages has touched your own sense of mortality and reminded you of how little an impact your own existence has had on the world in which you live to anyone except those dear to you and how you’ll leave nothing behind except fading memories, but don’t try to make yourself feel better about that because people express regret at the death of other people of whose lives they knew a little about through their deeds.

Oh and as for Jobs and those of you who sought to point out his seeming lack of charitable donations……so what. What the guy does with his money is his business, we may never know whether he gave or not, I find it more distasteful when people in the public view trumpet their charitable endeavors like it’s some sort of salve for their own perceived guilt at being wealthy.

The guy was charitable or not, his choice.